Frequently Asked Questions About Juilliard Pre-College

What are the ages of the Pre-College students?
Some students enter Pre-College as young as 7 years old. Wind and brass players tend to be older. Students can stay in the School through their senior year in high school. Please note: Voice students must be 14 or older.

When does Pre-College meet?
Pre-College meets on Saturdays, from September through May, for 30 weeks of instruction. Because of time limitations, some students who live close to the school may take their private lesson and chamber music coaching during the week. All other classes take place only on Saturdays in the Juilliard building.

Students may start their day as early as 9am and continue until 6pm or later. Students who participate in Saturday night performances may be required to stay until 10:30pm.

What classes are offered?
The core curriculum includes a 60-minute lesson, ear training and theory classes and other major-specific courses.

The Pre-College program is designed solely for training in classical music. Courses in jazz, musical theater, dance, or drama are not offered.

What performance opportunities are available in Pre-College?
Students have frequent opportunities to perform in Pre-College. The orchestras give many concerts throughout the academic year. Senior students are required to give a one-hour recital as part of their graduation requirement. First-year students (unless they are seniors) may not give a recital. Additionally, many students participate in the numerous chamber music concerts throughout the year.

If I am accepted into the Pre-College, can I continue taking my private lessons with my present teacher?
No. Pre-College has a world-class faculty uniquely qualified to develop young artist-musicians. We expect all Pre-College students to study exclusively with our teachers.

Is there a limit on the length of study in Pre-College?
No. Students can enter at a very young age and stay in the School through their senior year in high school.

I don't want to subject my child to the Juilliard Pre-College audition process if he or she won't be accepted. Is there a way to guarantee admittance?
There is no guaranteed admittance into the School. Your child must go through the entire process. Auditions can be an excellent introduction to the demands and expectations of the professional world, and by going through the proccess, your child can get a sense of the standards involved and whether he or she wants to work at this kind of pre-professional level.

Does one pay separately for private lessons in Pre-College?
The tuition covers all activities, with the exception of an extra fee for secondary instruction and elective classes.

Is financial aid available?
Financial aid is available and is based solely on need, and ranges from small grants to full tuition.

Does Pre-College offer any summer programs?
No, the School does not offer a summer music program.

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