茱莉亚学院预科班在周六上课,一般从上午9点到下午6点. 学生们必须准备好在这些时间上课. 因为调度的复杂性, students may be asked to take private lessons in their major or 室 music coachings during the week.


Major-Specific课程 选修课程

充足的表演机会加强了学习. Pre-College每季举办200多场公开演出, 包括独奏, 室, and orchestral concerts at venues throughout Juilliard and 林肯中心.


A dynamic sequence that builds vocabulary and concepts from elementary topics to advanced studies in form analysis and chromatic harmony. The program cultivates musicianship by developing analytical and listening skills that connect classroom learning to musical repertoire. Additional advanced electives are offered on a rotating basis, tailored to match students' interests.
每周一小时. 考试定岗.

耳朵训练是音乐家成长的重要组成部分. The various activities aid the student in perfecting pitch and rhythm performance skills. 学生学会识别和声并作出反应, 旋律, 以及通过背诵和听写的节奏结构. At the most advanced levels, students apply aural skills to performance repertoire. 读谱,读谱号,换位.
每周一小时. 考试定岗.

All students majoring in an orchestral instrument participate in one of three orchestras: the Pre-College String Ensemble, 预科交响曲, 或大学预科乐团. The orchestral repertoire covered in this program offers students a comprehensive performing experience through various periods and genres. Soloists for all 协奏曲 are Pre-College students selected by competition.
每周两个半小时. Placement in the orchestras by age and by discretion of the administration.

With the major teacher's approval, all students are eligible for 室 music. 在他们的学习期间, eligible students must participate in 室 music for at least one year. 竖琴, 低音提琴, 的声音, 打击乐器, 器官, and composition majors are exempt from this requirement and are offered additional studio or ensemble classes.
每周一小时. Placement in the 室 music program by discretion of the administration.

All students majoring in piano and 器官 are required to participate in 钢琴演奏论坛, which offers performance opportunities to students throughout the year. Special class topics include introduction to different keyboard instruments, 各种风格的表演, 还有教授和客座艺术家的大师班.

The Voice program is designed to prepare young singers for the rigorous demands of conservatory training. 除了音乐理论, 耳朵的培训, 还有私人课程, 声乐专业的学生需要练习声乐, 声乐表演班, 还有30分钟的声乐训练. 他们还被鼓励上30分钟的钢琴课. 申请人在试镜时必须年满14岁.


Students who wish to pursue studies on a second instrument or composition must apply for instruction on Registration Day. Acceptance for secondary instruction is based on faculty approval and availability. 并非所有的二级指导申请都会获得批准. 二级教学要额外收费.

西方音乐史概览. 主要集中在巴洛克,古典,浪漫和20世纪. 本课程推荐给对音乐史感兴趣的学生, 但之前的研究很少或根本没有. Emphasis on understanding musical style and development of ideas in each period. 学习重要的作曲家和事件. 阅读和听力作业. 
每周一小时. 对所有学生开放. 可能需要支付额外费用.

音乐 styles, ideas, events, movements, composers and musicians in the 20th century. 主题包括:印象派, 新古典派, post-Romanticism, 无调性, 爵士乐, 音乐剧, 电子音乐, 实验音乐, 极简主义, 和其他人. 阅读和听力作业.
每周一小时. 对所有学生开放. 可能需要支付额外费用.

为对音乐创作感兴趣的学生开设的小组班, 但几乎没有经验. 学习音高、节奏、线条和曲式的基本概念. 二声部和三声部的写作作业. 学生进步讨论. 课程可以在不同的层次上重复.
每周一小时. 对所有非作曲专业的学生开放. 可能需要支付额外费用.

二声和三声对位的物种研究. 写作练习.
Prerequisite: Advanced level of theory and 耳朵的培训, and permission of the department. 18世纪对位法的研究,包括正曲和赋格. 写作练习和分析.
每周一小时. 对所有非作曲专业的学生开放. 可能需要支付额外费用.

对20世纪早期音乐的研究, 包括德彪西的作品, 拉威尔, 艾夫斯, 托克, 斯特拉文斯基, 勋伯格, 和其他人. Particular emphasis will be on learning techniques of post-tonal analysis. Assignments include analysis, in-class presentations, and participation in classroom discussions.
每周一小时. 可能需要支付额外费用.

A study of musical form and analytical techniques from the standard literature. The first semester focuses on the structure and forms used by composers from the Baroque through Romantic periods. 重点放在整体结构上, 主题和动机, 键关系, 序列, 旋律装置和节奏的识别, 还有一些谐波分析. 第二学期将深入探讨谐波分析. 巴赫的具体作品, 贝多芬, 布拉姆斯, 还有一些会向学生介绍分析性的挑战. 我们将特别着重分析巴赫的作品, 包括他对中庸之道的运用, 数值斐波那契数列, 在他的作文中使用他的名字, 以及他音乐中许多数字命理的宗教象征.
每周一小时. 可能需要支付额外费用.

管弦乐指挥的实践课程, 包括指挥棒技术, 成绩分析, and the study of technical and musical problems involved in conducting classical and contemporary works. 可能需要与教师面谈.
每周一小时. 对所有学生开放. 可能需要支付额外费用.

绩效导向的, this course presents sport psychology methods that have proven to help musicians achieve optimal performance levels under the pressure of recitals, 试镜, 和竞赛. 学生们将学习如何管理紧张情绪, 处理疑虑和担忧, 更好地集中注意力, 在有压力的情况下也能表现得很好.
对所有学生开放. 可能需要支付额外费用.

J的音乐.S. 巴赫
通过他的键盘作品发现巴赫的伟大, 独奏奏鸣曲, 协奏曲, 康塔塔全集, 群众, 和更多的. 对所有学生开放. 可能需要支付额外费用.

压力少一点,成就多一点! 在本课程中, you will use fun tools like Virtual Reality and biofeedback to learn how to elicit the Relaxation Response, 与压力反应相反. Maximize your performance in all areas of life with more motivation and less procrastination. Positive psychology and emotional intelligence skills backed by research at the Benson Henry Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital, 哈佛大学, will optimize your brain and improve your health down to the genomic level so you can perform, 联系, 睡眠, 多吃多动. 对所有学生开放. 可能需要支付额外费用.

The ability to improvise is one of the most essential skills for any musician. 它能培养自信, 言论自由, 创造力, 更好地理解我们所研究的部分. 在本课程中 you will improvise in a wide range of styles from the 18th to 21th centuries, 注重构图思维, 谐波的想象力, 以及旋律流畅性. 对所有学生开放. 可能需要支付额外费用.

因为钢琴家在许多不同的环境下创作音乐, it is important to learn skills that go beyond solo repertoire performance. 在这个课堂上, we will explore such topics as how to harmonize a melody; how to make up a melody if someone gives you sheet music with chord symbols on it; how to accompany someone if they only give you a copy of the orchestral score, 或者需要他们的歌“调高一点”. Developing these skills can help with sight reading; repertoire preparation; and have a wide variety of practical- and enjoyable- applications. 钢琴专业.

通过对乔普林作品的探索, 德沃夏克, 仍然, 价格, 艾夫斯, 格什温, 艾灵顿, 科普兰, 和其他人, this class provides an understanding of the elements that have come to define the “American sound” in 20th century classical music.

学习乐器在室内乐和管弦乐中是如何协同工作的. 听力和写作练习. 经许可向所有学生开放. Required for composition majors who are scheduled for the class automatically.

Students will learn about basic concepts and technologies used in music recording, 编辑, 组成与制作. Students will develop basic skills in the following areas: home recording, 声音剪辑, 测序, 信号处理, 和混合. 课堂作业将以逻辑学为特色, Ableton或其他(适用于PC)音乐制作软件, 录音分析, 以及个人项目的展示. 家庭作业将每周布置,可能包括家庭录音, 音频和基本的视频编辑, 创造性练习和原创作文, 制作工作和听力作业. The course will conclude with a presentation of a creative project that demonstrates an advanced understanding and skill with the software and production tools presented in class. 前提条件:使用笔记本电脑或台式电脑.

对声音本身的基本探索, 既是物理现象又是生物感觉, 根据音乐家的需求量身定制. 音色, 调优系统, 我们将讨论结构声学, 并提出以下问题:到底什么是声音? 什么是泛音,为什么它们很重要? 为什么不同的乐器发出的声音是不同的? 音乐调音中的“气质”是什么? 随着时间的推移,调音是如何演变的? 什么是调音的“正确方式”? 演出场地如何塑造声音? 什么样的结构特征能产生良好的声学效果? 人体对声音有什么反应? 为什么我们会听到我们听到的?

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